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(What's The Story) Morning Glory

(What's The Story)  Morning Glory
(What's The Story)  Morning Glory

A tour through classical music outside its usual stages

If this is not magic, may –insert name of favourite composer here– come down and see it: getting up early on Sunday, shaking off laziness and not lingering for a second at the prospect of the winter chill is a trick that could only work well for the wizards of (What's The Story?) Morning Glory. And it turns out that throughout four Sunday sessions, classical music shakes off the pomp and the ostentation and approaches everyone to show that there is life beyond the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra's New Year concert. 

The master of ceremonies is Maitane Beaumont, who took out of her time at the academy –in addition to the grasp of viola and lyrical singing– the desire to make sure everybody understands that this beloved music does not have to be "erudite" or "serious". So, without the need for a flawless tuxedo or high-heeled shoes, everyone is welcome to make friends with the classics and invite them into the 21st century. Connoisseurs, neophytes, lovers or simply curious, come at the vermouth time –or a little earlier in "La Previa" of La (3) – and discover the music of the future past.


Classical mornings


11:30 - 14:00

Sala Apolo