As already suggested from the own anagram of its name, Astin is the same as Nitsa but ... totally different. It is a counterweight, its B side, its reverse and its alternative. Sometimes, the main line of what sounds in La (2) of Apolo can be like the music that coexists in the main room: electronic dance (call it house, call it disco, call it techno ... but call it) that reaches the track with signature; Tim Sweeny, The Magician, Krystal Klear, Dj Bone, Andrew Weatherall, Marvin & Guy, Dj Seinfeld, Jayda G, Honey Dijon, Lindstrom, Kim Ann Foxman, Trevor Jackson, Red Axes or Maurice Fulton, all of them illustrious guests into Astin's cabin.

Other times, the rule gives way to the exception. That's when La (2) of Apolo hosts days devoted to trap or dancehall, instigated and validated by Yung Beef or Club Marabú. Or when Libido parties (created by Pau Roca and Gon more than ten years ago) take place every two months. Or when hedonism breaks out in queer nights of Somoslas. Or when the Barcelona collectives (Draft, Palm Grease, La Cúpula ...) find the ideal showcase to promote their vision of electronics. Something always happens in Astin. That's why every night is the same but ... totally different.


House · Disco · Urban


00:00 - 05:30

La 2