Apolo's regular sessions

Caprichos de apolo

Lines of musical inspiration

Caprichos de Apolo is a cycle of concerts of the house's own production where local and national artists discs' presentations take place, as well as exclusive concerts by international artists. All of them selected with the premise of the uniqueness and the relevance of their proposals over genres and popularity, always with the aim of surprising the public and discovering new talents.

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Bala perduda

Apolo's battle of bands

Bala Perduda is an initiative of Sala Apolo whose aim is to boost the non-professional music scene. It is made of series of new talents' concerts in order to see what is going on in the different scenes. These concerts are atypical and entertaining, in which the collaboration of the public is requested and where the master of ceremonies, Joan Colomo, adds the funniest point.

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Jazz & Swing

Barcelona Jazz Orquestra's day

One Sunday per month, Apolo dresses in its best to welcome the Barcelona Jazz Orquestra with its popular and cheerful evenings of Jazz & Swing. In these sessions, the room is impregnated with a magical and hypnotic atmosphere that transports us to another era, where the big band puts music and rhythm to the encounter between Jazz lovers.

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(What's The Story) Morning Glory

Classical mornigs

During four winter Sunday mornings, Sala Apolo hosts a cycle of classical music where exquisite artists are scheduled to bring this exclusive dye style to the general public. It is done in an unconventional way: without prejudices or condescensions, cutting in solemnity and bringing it closer to the culture of the 21st century. The classical is fashionable.

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Escola de rock

Rock' n' roll with family

Escola de Rock Festival is an experience to be enjoy with the family. It is a unique event with a multitude of activities. The whole family can interact and have fun, listen and vibrate in a concert, while the little ones live their first experience in a musical festival: bracelets at the entrance, different environments and activities, workshops, DJs, culinary experiences...

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