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Regular sessions and concerts: music never rests in Sala Apolo

Caprichos de Apolo

Lines of musical inspiration

Think of that musician that seems impossible to you that someday will come to play in Barcelona. Or think of that cult artist who doesn’t fit into any programming cycle. Or think about that special show of a large artist in small format. Well, all of this is Caprichos de Apolo.

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Bala Perduda

Apolo's battle of bands

Bala Perduda is the battle of emergent bands of Sala Apolo, which prize is to record a disc and to act in Primavera Sound. But, above all, it is a perfect showcase to make yourself known in the way that the big groups convince: on stage, in full operation.

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Jazz & Swing

Barcelona Jazz Orquestra's day

The Barcelona Jazz Orquestra, under the baton of Dani Alonso, takes the reins of a session full of class where jazz and bop are as protagonists as the dancers who take the dance floor. The big band plays the swing, the room place the ideal set and the audience decide the dress code: the only rule is to draw back the curtain of time and let the happy 20’s –those of the twentieth century, of course– return to our lives for a few hours.

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(What's The Story) Morning Glory

Classical mornings

Getting up early on Sunday, shaking off laziness and not lingering for a second at the prospect of the winter chill is a trick that could only work well for the wizards of (What's The Story?) Morning Glory. And it turns out that throughout four Sunday sessions, classical music shakes off the pomp and the ostentation and approaches everyone to show that there is life beyond Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra's New Year concert.

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Escola de rock

Rock'n'Roll with the family

Escola de Rock is a big plan for the family where children discover the music that moved their parents... and the adults recover the innocence of when they felt the crush of pop or rock for the first time.

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Clubbing · Activism · Exhibitions · Technology

Our lysergic platform for experimentation and diffusion in La (3) of Apolo. The Lab is the place to unleash ideas and present new artistic projects in the key of transformation, diversity, respect and inclusion. There have begun festivals such as La Cangri or Futuroa Sarao Drag, among other renowned initiatives of the city.

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