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The temple of electronic music in Apolo

Welcome. You are about to enter into a clubbing institution in Europe. Into the origin of the scene of this city.

Born in 1993, in the dawn of electronics, through its cabin have passed names as relevant as Aphex Twin, Todd Terry, Carl Craig, Kenny Larkin, SBTRKT, DJ Shadow, Autechre, DJ Rush, Apparat, Erol Alkan, Michael Mayer, Ellen Allien, A-Trak or DJ Krushentre in addition to the local DJ Fra, Marc Piñol and DJ Kosmos.

Okay, now you can breathe ... but not too much, because the list is increases every weekend.



Information about Plastic Club and contact: 933 01 00 90

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Techno · House · Electro · Urban · Disco



Sala Apolo
La (2)



Electronic Nights at La (2) de Apolo

As suggested by the anagram of its name, Astin is the same as Nitsa but... totally different. It is a counterweight, its B-side, its reverse and its alternative.

Sometimes, what sounds in La (2) de Apolo can resemble the music that coexists in the main room: electronic dance (call it house, disco or techno.... but call it) that hits the dancefloor with a signature.

Specifically, Tim Sweeny, The Magician, Krystal Klear, Dj Bone, Andrew Weatherall, Marvin & Guy, Dj Seinfeld, Jayda G, Honey Dijon, Lindstrøm, Helena Hauff, Kim Ann Foxman, Trevor Jackson, Red Axes or Maurice Fulton, all of them illustrious guests at Astin's booth.

Other times, the norm gives way to the exception. That's when it hosts the Libido parties, created by Pau Roca and Gon more than ten years ago; when hedonism is unleashed at Somoslas queer nights; or when Barcelona collectives like Draft, Palm Grease or La Cúpula find the ideal showcase to promote their vision of electronica.

There is always something going on at Astin. That's why every night is the same but... totally different.

A club with history

Although it is still at the forefront, Nitsa Club is not a recent club and has been a vital part of the clubbing culture. To know its origins we would have to go back a few decades and place ourselves in the mid-90s in a small room where Nitsa was created, one of the first electronic clubs in Barcelona.

The club was gaining a lot of fame, among other factors by the figure of Aleix Vergés, resident DJ of the room at that time, also known as Dj Sideral.

The charm of the place gave it an authentic and somewhat decadent look: low ceilings, smoky black walls and a fantastic revolving dance floor.

It was in September 1996 when Nitsa moved to Apolo, where they have been creating master sessions on Fridays and Saturdays for more than 20 years.