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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any question? Check here the most FAQ

Where is Apolo and how can you get there?

We are on the street Nou de la Rambla, 113. These are the best options to get there:

  • Metro: Paral·lel (Lines 2 and 3)
  • Bus: 21, D20, H14, V11 and 88, N0 and N6
  • Taxi: Av. del Paral·lel 61; C / Vila i Vilà, 60
  • Bicing: Av. del Paral·lel, 58

What are the nearest hotels?

The closest hotels to Apolo are: 

Where can you park?

We do not have an own parking, but these are some addresses of the closest parkings to Apolo:

  • Parking Tryp: Av. del Paral·lel, 57
  • Parking Vila i Vilà: Street Vila i Vilà, 50
  • Parking Tres Chimeneas: Street Vila i Vilà, 44
  • Parking Saba Bamsa: Street de l'Abat Safont, 2

What spaces does the venue have?

Apolo has two main rooms, Sala Apolo and La (2), and two other spaces: La (3), with an outdoors space designed to take a breath and make acoustic events; and CINC, an indoors bar where you can relax from the hustle of the club and have a drink. 

Is there a cloakroom?

We have a cloakroom that starts working when the doors of the hall are opened. The cost of the service is 2 € per piece of clothing.  

You can keep your bags and pieces of clothing in the cloakroom. It is compulsory to leave luggage, helmets, skates and other larger objects there, which cannot be entered in the hall. 

To consider: 

  • In case of loss of the ticket, you will have to wait until all the garments have been delivered. 

  • Apolo is not responsible for the objects deposited in the garments or bags. 

  • Only 1 piece of clothing per hanger is allowed. 

Have you forgotten to pick up a garment from the cloakroom?

If you have the ticket, you can come and pick it up when Apolo’s doors open, this is the time when the cloakroom service is activated.  

The opening hours of doors vary according to the day and the event that is held, check them on our schedule page

  • If you have lost the ticket, send an e-mail to help@sala-apolo.com and describe the object you have forgot. 

  • Garments are kept for a maximum of two months! 

Have you lost an object in the venue?

Write an e-mail to help@sala-apolo.com and describe the object you have lost and we will answer you as soon as possible, whether we have it or not. 

  • It is important to make a detailed description of the object or garment. 

  • Objects are kept for a maximum of two months! 

What to do if you don't feel well during a concert or session?

If you feel unwell, contact our room staff (security, waiters, cleaning staff, etc.) and they will assist you. Sala Apolo has a first aid room. 

¿Have you suffered or witnessed an aggression or discriminatory situation in the venue?

We have a protocol against aggression and discrimination that you can consult in the section Apolo, rules 

You can also write us at respecte@sala-apolo.com in case you want to report or communicate inappropiate situations or/and experiences within the venue. 

Is there access and areas for people with reduced mobility?

We do our best to be accessible to everyone, and our rooms are suitable for people with reduced mobility. 

We also have an elevator to facilitate access to different levels and chairs that can be requested, the same day of the event, to the security personnel that you will find at the door of the venue. 

You haven't received your email with the ticket or you can't find it?

DICE, the sales platform that Apolo usually uses, send the tickets hours before the event. In case of doubt or problem, you can write an e-mail to ayuda@dice.fm

If you have purchased the ticket on another ticketing platform, check your spam mail folder or in the app where you bought it. If you don’t find it, please contact the sales platform directly through the email or phone number on their website. 

Can you buy tickets in advance at the box office?

Pre-sale tickets are purchased exclusively through the Internet, you will find a reliable sales link in the event of our website. 

Tickets will only be sold at the box office on the day of the event and at the doors opening hours indicated. 

If pre-sale tickets are sold out are generally not sold at the box office. It is recommended to buy the advance tickets online to avoid the risk of them running out sooner and to avoid crowds on the day of the event. 

What if your concert has been postponed or cancelled?

If a concert is postponed or cancelled, we will notify it in the corresponding event on our website's schedule. There you will also find what steps must be followed if you want a refund. In case of postponement, all the previously purchased tickets will be valid for the new date. 

If you bought your tickets through DICE, this is of interest to you!

 If you have run out of tickets for an event...  

  • Use the DICE waiting list for sold out sessions or concerts.  

  • When someone returns their tickets, they become available to everyone on the list who has ordered the same number of tickets. 

  • If it's your turn, you will receive a notification and you will have one hour to buy them.  

You have tickets for an event and you can't attend?  

  • Offer them to the DICE waiting list to get your money back!  

  • You will see the option activated on the ticket you bought if you log in to the DICE app. 

  • When someone buys them, you will be notified and you will receive a refund within 5-10 working days.   

  • If no one buys your tickets, they will be back in your account on the day of the show and you will be able to use them to get in, but there will be no refund.  

If you made a mistake and bought a ticket for another day...  

  • You have 24h to return them! Request it through the APP or dice.fm/refund and you will receive a confirmation email and an automatic refund within 5-10 days. 

If you have any problems during any of these processes, you can write to ayuda@dice.fm and DICE will deal with it. Remember that resale through unofficial means can be fraudulent.  

What time do the concerts and the club sessions end?

From Monday to Saturday, concerts end at 23:00h On Sundays, at 22.00h. 

Club sessions between end at 05.00h or 06.00h the next day. 

You can check the specific schedules of each event in our agenda

From what age can people get into Apolo?

The minimum age to enter a concert is 16 years old. Minors under 16 years of age may enter accompanied by their father, mother or legal tutor or by another adult, as long as they provide signed the authorization of minors

The minimum age to enter a club session is 18 years old (you must bring an ID with photo), starting at midnight.

  • If the minors policy of a punctual event admits other conditions, it will be specified in the event information that you will find in the agenda of our website.

Is there a dress code?

The entry with T-shirts or emblems of sports teams is not allowed.

It is also not allowed to enter with costumes or any of their accessories, unless you come to a theme or costume party. 

Do we have a smoking area?

Credit/debit cards are accepted inside the venue, but if you want to buy tickets at the ticket office, it is recommended to take the amount in cash.

Do we have a smoking area?

In order to respect the neighbours’ rest, smoking is not allowed outside, but we have enabled a space for outdoor smokers in La (3), where you can also buy cigarettes. Smoking is forbidden in the rest of our facilities.

Can you bring a photo or video camera?

You can bring small and compact cameras or single-use cameras. Professional or Reflex cameras are not allowed, unless you have a press accreditation or photo pass.

Do we have a VIP area?

The sessions of our resident clubs Honey Bunny and Bass Bunny (Mondays) and Milkshake (Thursdays) do have VIP areas. If you are interested, you can buy your VIP ticket in the event of the corresponding session on our website. 

In the case of Nitsa Club, the balconies are freely accessible for everyone. 

Do we have a guest list or discounts for groups?

We do not have such services. In case an exception is made, it will be specified in the event information that you will find on our website, on the page of the organizer of the concert/club session or on our social profiles: 

Do you want information about Plastic Club?

Plastic Club is Nitsa Club's digital card that allows you to enter club sessions with benefits and discounts.

For more information please contact Nitsa:

933 01 00 90

Do you want to make a claim?

Claim forms can only be filled out in person during the hours in which the venue is open to the public. You must request it to the person in charge of the room. 

Where can you send your CV?

If you are interested on working with us, you can send your CV to curriculum@sala-apolo.com 

Do you have more questions?