La Cangri
La Cangri
La Cangri
La Cangri

Saraut for the reggaeton pioneers. In the slang of the genre, ‘cangri’ means ‘the most respected’. And ‘Los Cangri’ were no other than Daddy Yankee and Nicky Jam in their beginnings in Puerto Rico, the reggaeton adoptive cradle. Flash forward to 2018, with the perreo dance caressing the world domination and the Andalusian Bea Pelea starting his monthly reggaeton party at Sala Apolo.

The author of the mixtape Romantic Reggaeton (Vol. 1) presents in La Cangri urban artists, both national and international, both live and DJ sets, both male and female, who orbit around reggaeton, obviously, but also from the dembow, cumbia, salsa and other Latin rhythms. It is in order to dance celebrating the past of the genre but especially watching the future. To challenge general clichés and clichés of the genre. And to have fun, of course. Before the boys, now the girls. If you do not dance here, it means that you're dead.


Reggaetón · Dembow · Cumbia · Urban


20:00 - 00:00

La 3


Bea Pela & Apolo