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Nasty Bass
Nasty Bass
Nasty Bass

La alternativa electrónica de los lunes

Look, it's still very easy: imagine that you already know the Nasty Mondays and you already know how it works... And you like it. But, or you've been many times or the guitars, to you, the bare minimum. Hey, it is a matter of taste. And it has an easy solution: go down the stairs that lead to La (2) of Apolo and, surprise, the drum beats become beats, the guitars give way to the synthesizers and the refrains are now drops. You have entered into Nasty Bass, the electronic temple of Nasty Mondays and probably the best bass music club in the country.

You're in good hands: Kosmos – he is one of the pioneering DJs of electronic music in Spain, resident of Nitsa Club and boss of Tracy Recordings-, Radiocontrol –driver of the famous Noize Club and member of the Amplid and MonkeyRave– and Cooler O'Connor– on the control of the visuals– they are going to get you to forget that it is Monday and that outside of these four walls you have obligations to attend. We better leave them for the following Wednesday.


Bass · Electro · House · Techno


00:00 - 05:00

La 2


Nasty Garage


Dj Kosmos, residente en Nasty Bass

Estás en buenas manos: Kosmos –uno de los DJs pioneros e impulsor de la electrónica en España, residente de Nitsa Club y capo de Tracy Recordings–, Radiocontrol –impulsor del célebre Noize Club y miembro de the Amplid y MonkeyRave– y Cooler O’Connor –al mando de los visuales– van a conseguir que te olvides de que es lunes y de que fuera de estas cuatro paredes tienes obligaciones que atender. Casi que las dejamos para el miércoles ya.

Con un estilo fresco y versátil, pero con sonidos de la vieja escuela, Dj Kosmos no dejará indeferente a los amantes aférrimos del techno, ni a los que simplemente quieran "pasarlo bien un lunes.