Pssst, psst. You, yes, you. Five cents for your answer, could you tell us everything you can find once a month on any Sunday of the nights of VenTú!? If you say that a DJ playing from deep techno to house music, you guessed it right. But also if you bet for a table that can be used for both mixing moombathon with cumbia music, reading the cards or even eating on top of it. Sharing and loving.

It is the party in which you dance during the day and you go out at night, where you get together the vermouth with the dinner, generous in loves and in burnings and in which we are all welcome: "free, brave, polyglots, fat people, active people , passive people, thin people”. There is electronic music and party pop, jumps to the past and returns to the future, music from both sides of the Atlantic and "beloved scorpions". Getting sad if the one next to you doesn’t dance and remedy it spying on those who dance. What do we want? VenTú! And when do we want it? On next Sunday!



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Sala apolo
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Sala Apolo & VenTú!