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77 Seventy Seven + The Mothercrow

Fri. 15. Feb'19 20:00 La (2)

77 Seventy Seven + The Mothercrow

77 Seventy Seven

We inaugurated the seventh edition of Curtcircuit with the presentation in Barcelona of the new album from '77 and the first time they present it in theaters in our country. '77 are true rock enthusiasts so it's no surprise that their new album, 'Bright Gloom', is the hard rock album you expected from the Valeta brothers: Armand (guitarist and singer) and LG (lead guitarist) and choirs). This new work has been created from an approach that has generated two very marked contrasts: a darker atmosphere and a brighter one, hence the title of the album 'Bright Gloom', produced by Raúl Refree. In this album, not everything is dark riffs or introspective atmospheres, but they recover their musical roots with sounds of blues and rock and roll. Come and enjoy the concert in the natural habitat of the band, a place with a sweaty sweaty beer-soaked aftertaste!

The Mothercrow

The Mothercrow was born in Barcelona in 2015 by vocalist Karen Asensio and guitarist Ram Lorenzo, along with bassist Claudia González and drummer Gerard Fernandez. With their blues, rock and psychedelia, inspired by the 60s, they have gained recognition in the local rock scene. In 2018, the band welcomes the experienced drummer Pep Carabante and the Swedish national guitarist Max Eriksson to consolidate the definitive formation. This change has added new influences, stronger sounds and a rock oriented towards heavier riffs and grooves. There was a natural transition to the musical style often referred to as "proto heavy metal"; piloted in the early '70s by bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Scorpions, Grand Funk Railroad, Sir Lord Baltimore ...

The band will release their first album under the title 'Magara' in May 2019.


20:00 Doors

20:15 The Mothercrow

21:30 77 Seventy Seven