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Be My Guest by Musicbox Lisboa: Vizinhas | Yeli Yeli + Soluna + King Kami + Júlia Colom
Be My Guest
Be My Guest Fri. 02. Dec'22 19:00 La (2)

Be My Guest by Musicbox Lisboa: Vizinhas | Yeli Yeli + Soluna + King Kami + Júlia Colom

Be My Guest by Musicbox Lisboa present Vizinhas | Yeli Yeli + Soluna + King Kami + Júlia Colom - 2nd December 2022

In Be My Guest Vizinhas, Apolo joins forces with the concert hall and club Musicbox Lisboa, a partner in the Liveurope network of venues, to jointly present the live performances of the Spanish-Portuguese duo Yeli Yeli, and Lisbon's Soluna and King Kami.

On this occasion, the nexus of union is the cultural link with our Portuguese neighbours. Apolo will also play host to the Mallorcan Júlia Colom, the local star of the date.

This concert is supported by Liveurope, the European initiative co-founded by the Creative Europe programme of the EU that supports concert venues in their efforts to promote European emerging artists.

Yeli Yeli

Yeli Yeli are Cádiz-based cantaor Álvaro Romero and Lisbon-based producer Pedro da Linha, a joint project that unites avant-garde electronica with queer flamenco and experimental reggaeton.

They focus on how the colonisation of both countries has influenced music of the past and the present, a duo that symbolises the Iberian feeling without limits or borders: it is about identity and not about the country.


Born in Buenos Aires, raised in Catalonia and settled in Lisbon, Soluna brings to life her mix of origins by fusing Latin rhythms and Afrobeats with danceable vocals in Spanish.

With an EP on the market - she was previously a backing vocalist for Dino Santiago - her first single, "Flaca", represents how close we are to our Portuguese neighbours and the powerful impact that migratory routes have on our art and life.

King Kami

Kamila Medeiros, aka King Kami, is said to be another driving force behind Lisbon's strong mixed-race music scene.

One of Portugal's most promising DJs and producers, she mixes rhythms from the Brazilian northeast - such as Brega Funk and Brazilian Funk - with rave and electro, and is always on the lookout for the rhythms of the future.

Júlia Colom

Trained in jazz singing at the Taller de Músics, Júlia Colom's compositions are the culmination of her journey through the ancestral songs of her native Mallorca, passed down from generation to generation, as well as through jazz improvisation, composition and production. 

The young artist based in Barcelona gives a twist to folklore, tradition and roots to reinterpret them in her own way, and is one of the most promising local artists with the greatest international projection of the moment. 

We can appreciate this in "Estròfica", a song that breaks the past-present dichotomy.


19:00 Doors

19:15 King Kami

20:00 Júlia Colom

21:00 Soluna & King Kami

22:00 Yeli Yeli

Minor Entry

Children under 16 must be accompanied by their father, mother or legal guardian. Or , come accompanied by an adulto ver 18 years and submit signed by their parents the following consent form.


Musicbox Lisboa x Apolo


Be My Guest by Musicbox Lisboa: Vizinhas | Yeli Yeli + Soluna + King Kami + Júlia Colom

Be My Guest

Be My Guest is the in-house production series in which fellow labels, artists or bands are invited to play to discover emerging projects.

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