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Be My Guest by Foehn Records: Muqata'a + Balago + Lagoss
Be My Guest
Be My Guest Fri. 09. Dec'22 20:00 La 2

Be My Guest by Foehn Records: Muqata'a + Balago + Lagoss

Be My Guest by Foehn Records present Muqata'a + Balago + Lagoss in Barcelona - 9th December 2022

Be My Guest sessions returns to Apolo in triple format. The in-house produced cycle of concerts joins forces with Foehn Records to present the live performances of a classic and the label's first reference, Balago, and Muqata'a and Lagoss, projects with releases on the Discrepant label.

Muqata'a's performance is supported by Liveurope, the European initiative co-founded by the Creative Europe programme of the EU that supports concert venues in their efforts to promote European emerging artists.


The palestinian electronic music producer living in Berlin, Muqata'a, creates sounds using sampled material, field recordings and electronic devices, resulting in rough beats, abstract tones and glitch.

Founder of the Ramallah Underground Collective (2002-2009), he has released several solo albums such as "Inkanakuntu" (2018) on Discrepant and "Kamil Manques" (2021) on the Hundebiss label.

The artist has also composed several soundtracks for films, as well as soundtracks for dance performances, and is now working on different collaborative and solo projects.


Coming from La Garriga (Barcelona), Balago have become one of the few projects that perfectly exemplify what 21st century music should be, a constant evolution in sound seeking to open new paths through experimentation.

They have released several albums on their label Foehn Records, increasingly closer to ambient, being their latest album "Els altres" (2020), a true work of art.


LAGOSS is an audio-visual project composed by the head of the international label Discrepant, Gonçalo F. Cardoso, and the veterans of Canarian electronic and experimental music Mladen Kurajica and Daniel García.

Their first album, "Música Imaginaria de las islas Vol.1 Islas Canarias" (Discrepant 2020), is an immersion and exploration of the diverse island mythologies, starting from the use of the spirituality of exotic music taken to a point where sounds, shapes and patterns are confused.


20:00 Doors

Minor Entry

Children under 16 must be accompanied by their father, mother or legal guardian. Or , come accompanied by an adulto ver 18 years and submit signed by their parents the following consent form.


Keroxen + Foehn Records + Apolo


Be My Guest by Foehn Records: Muqata'a + Balago + Lagoss

Be My Guest

Be My Guest is the in-house production series in which fellow labels, artists or bands are invited to play to discover emerging projects.

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