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Muslim & Lemchaheb

Sat. 02. Feb'19 18:30 Sala Apolo

Muslim & Lemchaheb


Born in Tangier, Muslim is the benchmark of Moroccan youth and many Arab countries, in which he sings respect for values ​​and coexistence among people around the world. In the 90s, he began to be influenced by the effects of American rap, an essential source of his later inspiration. One of his greatest hits "Al Risala" (the letter), with more than 20 million views on YouTube, has become a national and global hit, transmits a clear message to the Moroccan government, calling for profound change and drastic to help the most disadvantaged classes in the country. However, the current great success of Muslim is the song "Mama", published in July 18 and with more than 50 million views to YouTube.


The group "Lemchaheb" was founded by the spiritual father Mohamed Elbakhti and the great artist Chrif Lemrani. This group played a very active role in the beginning of the phenomenon "Ghiwanie" along with the bands Nass el Ghiwane and Jil Jilal, where he traced a path full of creativity through very moving musical compositions and poems of Arab nationalism, human themes and coexistence among peoples around the world. This European tour of the group, which will begin in Barcelona at the Sala Apolo, bears the slogan "Morocco: bridge of coexistence between Africa and Europe", and will make route in Spain France and Belgium, adds two new songs to its traditional repertoire: 1 - "El Mahjar" lyrics and composition Chadili Mbarek. 2- "Jinakom" lyrics: Kisra Salah Eddine and composition: Madani Saad.


18:30 Doors

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Muslim & Lemchaheb