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Novo Amor

Sun. 24. Apr'22 20:00 La (2)

Novo Amor

Concierto de Novo Amor en Barcelona - 24 de abril 2022

Ali Lacey says that in Cardiff he lives in a space large enough to accommodate his home and studio. That means that he spends his days and records the songs he releases under the moniker Novo Amor in the same place. 

Perhaps that is the reason why, as both life and music develop and feed into a common safe space, Welsh folk-pop is total truth: from the moment Lacey comes up with an idea lying on the couch with his guitar until the song takes its definitive shape, not one bit of truth is lost along the way. 

"Birthplace" and "Cannot Be, Whatsoever" are, therefore, two albums based on real events that cannot be separated from their author. Where does the person end and the music begin?

The Novo Amor formula is directly related to that of Bon Iver in his most country facet, that of The Tallest Man On Earth and of Patrick Watson, but the fact that we are familiar with his codes does not detract from his properties. Exposing oneself to his falsetto is a healing experience that promises to be even more effective live.

The concert will be accompanied by Ariana Abecasis.


20:00 Doors

20:30 Ariana Abecasis

21:30 Novo Amor

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