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Piscis Season
On Fire
On Fire Sat. 16. Mar'19 19:30 La 3

Piscis Season

Piscis Season

Dear Pisces,

You are the twelfth of the signs, the elder of the Zodiac. You put an end to the astral year. In our market studies you appear as ""the sign that comes most to the Seasons"".

Pisces, you have the intimate knowledge of Virgo, your judgment is as balanced and disinterested as Libra's. You have the humor (and also the bad humor) of Cancer. Sometimes you are full of the frankness and generosity of Sagittarius. You can be as lazy as Taurus, as fun-loving and extroverted as Leo, and as hard-working as Capricorn, from whom you also inherit the envy of social recognition. You like to mock and analyze the world in the manner of Aquarius. You are fill with the enthusiasm and idealism of Aries, and you move and you think as quick as a Gemini.

If this Saturday you have an appointment with your trusted spiritualist, meditation class, or you had thought about staying in bed dreaming: cancel everything and come to your birthday party.


19:30 Doors

19:30 Whatever dj's

20:30 Performance x Guillem Jimenez

20:45 Ulledeter live + dj set

22:00 Licorka Fey + Conxxa Vitoy (Podcast Live!)

22:30 RAFFLE!

22:30 Capitán dj


On Fire

Do not underestimate leisure. In this section of the lab identities are built, ideas are tested and projects are presented. We just needed a space to meet, talk and celebrate where the projects of the feminist community as well as the racialized and LGTBI community are priorized.

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