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Russian Circles

Tue. 03. May'22 19:30 La (2)

Russian Circles

Concert of Russian Circles in Barcelona - 03 rd May 2022

Russian Circles named their 2016 album "Guidance" in reference to the uncertainty that augured the future. It was an apt title for the time, as the album came out just months before the tumultuous US election.

If there were questions about how to move forward as artists in the underground, the subsequent three years of relentless touring served to reinforce their struggle. 

With their latest album "Blood Year", Russian Circles abandon their sonic crossroads of divergent musical paths found on their previous albums, to deliver a more direct and forceful collection of songs.

Their seventh studio album, is a stroke of authority. Multi-faceted techniques and dramatic songwriting that have always been a statement of intent next to the most forceful aspects of the band's repertoire.

Special Guest: HELMS ALEE

The ocean has always been a recurring theme with Helms Alee, whether in the nautical nod of their moniker.

Their fifth album "Noctiluca", the marine reference is perhaps the closest approximation to their sound: mysterious, magical, and providing light in the darkness.

It ontinues Helms Alee’s tradition of blending girthy sludge riffs, deceptively clever compositions, lush instrumentation, and transcendental melodies into a potent standalone sound.

After more than a decade of existence, five studio albums, and a slew of EPs, it’s easy to imagine Helms Alee continuing on in perpetuity as one of those tightly guarded cult artists with an extensive catalog of treasures just waiting for the uninitiated to discover the depths of their riches.


19:30 Doors

20:00 Helms Alee

21:30 Russian Circles

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Russian Circles