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Sarao Drag de Futuroa #13

Sat. 03. Feb'24 19:00 Sala Apolo

Futuroa's Sarao Drag #13

Futuroa's Sarao Drag #13 in Barcelona - 3rd February, 2024

¡Happy New Year 2024!

2024 is here, and with it a new edition of SARAO. The beginning of the year is always difficult, ruined, stuffy and still cold. Luckily, exciting things also happen at this time of year, we are in the middle of Awards Season! Oscar, Golden Globes, Grammys, Goya, Gaudís... We also want to be part of this special time and that's why we invite all the transvestites of Barcelona to come to our pink carpet! On February 3rd the Sarao Drag de Futuroa returns to the Sala Apolo!

The guest artists will be announced in the coming weeks, but the Sarao wouldn’t be the most anticipated contest of Barcelona showbiz without its contestants: Are you ready to snatch the crown? Send us an email at somosfuturoa@gmail.com detailing:

- Drag name and short bio

- What kind of show you’d do? Clown, monologue, lip-sync, dance… You don’t have to explain it in detail, just enough for us to get an idea.

And if you’re not ready for the stage, you will always have the audience award! For this time, prepare your best gala look for our pink carpet and maybe Licorka will notice you!


As always, the aggression prevention protocol will be very present at the party, and we’re open to suggestions to expand its inclusivity and learn from others’ experiences. So you know: RESPECT

There will be zero tolerance towards sexist, homophobic, lesbophobic, transphobic, sissyphobic, biphobic, ableist, fatphobic, whorephobic, serophobic, racist, misogynistic, ageistic, neither classist behavior, nor any kind of assault towards anyone.

An assault happens when a person feels assaulted. It’s our co-responsibility to stand up to assaults. If you are assaulted or you see an assault happen, find a member of Futuroa, they will stop the party and assist you.

If your behavior doesn’t respect this party’s protocol, you’ll be asked to leave.

If you're wondering whether you should activate the protocol, do it, it's probably the best. If you're thinking about it, there's a legitimate reason.

Start a new year of FUTUROA’S SARAO DRAG!


19:00 Doors

20:00 Start


In this edition we are launching as a novelty a new rate in the price of our tickets. You will find the regular ticket with the usual price (10€) and a ticket with a higher price (14€) that we have baptized as the Save the queens and kings rate. This rate is an option for those who want and can contribute an extra to our party in order to help us to remunerate as much as possible to our contestants, artists and workers. We would like to remind you that FUTUROA is a non-profit association and that any profit is reinvested in the future activities organized.

Ticket holders for the Saro Drag at Sala Apolo will be able to obtain a stamp at the end of the event to remain in the Nitsa Club session.

Minor Entry

Children under 16 must be accompanied by their father, mother or legal guardian. Or , come accompanied by an adulto ver 18 years and submit signed by their parents the following consent form.





Sarao Drag de Futuroa #13