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Acuario Season
On Fire
On Fire Sat. 16. Feb'19 19:30 La 3

Acuario Season

Acuario Season

Dear Aquarius ...

Is it too early to call you like that? We know that you are impossible to classify and define, that if we say A you will say B, that if we bet on X you will bet for Y. It takes you little to accept it: you go your own way, you are stubborn as f**ck, and you never answer our whatsapps !

Unfortunately, you have all of us at your feet. Uranian in nature, you are in another orbit. This sometimes makes you look weird, or alien ... but hey, we love your new hair dye, and that dress/pijama? It doesn’t matter! Everything looks great to you and if you like it, well then it's perfect.

#TheAgeOfAquarius is a moment of new beginnings. You are the sign of the revolution, and you are always one step ahead: while the world celebrates 2019, you are already closing 2050...

Dear Aquarius (feels right, now?), you are usually so focused on the common good that you often forget to think about yourself. AQUARIUS SEASON is the time to put yourself first.


19:30 Doors


On Fire

Do not underestimate leisure. In this section of the lab identities are built, ideas are tested and projects are presented. We just needed a space to meet, talk and celebrate where the projects of the feminist community as well as the racialized and LGTBI community are priorized.

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