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Astin: Moscoman + Ammar 808 [live!] + Arnau Obiols

Fri. 26. Apr 00:30 La 2

Astin: Moscoman + Ammar 808 live! + Arnau Obiols

Astin: Moscoman + Ammar 808 [live!] + Arnau Obiols

Moscoman y su sello Disco Halal se han convertido en una plataforma que ha aglutinado a una serie de artistas que comparten un sonido que conjuga música de baile rock y world music: Symple Simmetry, Red Axes, Autarkic o Krikor son algunos de ellos. En esta ocasión viene acompañado de Ammar 808 en directo, el proyecto del tunecino asentado en Amsterdam Sofyann Ben Yussef hace colisionar la electrónica con la música tradicional del Maghreb, como puede escucharse en su debut “Maghreb United”.


00:30 Doors opening



Astin: Moscoman + Ammar 808 [live!] + Arnau Obiols

Astin was born as the ideal complement to the main hall of Nitsa Club, a benchmark of the european electronic music and one of the oldest clubs in our country. The predominant stylistic line is based on house and disco music, although the club also dive into the newest music currents hosting nights that are dedicated to trap or dancehall, sponsored by assets of the scene such as Yung Beef or Club Marabú.

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00:00 - 05:30

La 2