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Nasty [Bass]: RAVE OR DIE | Radiocontrol + Ginebra + Kosmos

Mon. 27. Jan'20 00:00 La 2

Nasty [Bass]: RAVE OR DIE | Radiocontrol + Ginebra + Kosmos

Nasty [Bass]: RAVE OR DIE | Radiocontrol + Ginebra + Kosmos

Tras la exitosa fiesta “Back To Acid”, seguimos con nuestra serie de noches temáticas que rinden homenaje a los estilos que han influido en la creación de nuestro sonido marca de la casa, el sonido Nasty Bass.
En esta ocasion nos vamos a principios de los 90 a Inglaterra , despues de la fiebre acid house, los ritmos se aceleran y las fiestas se hacen gigantes, mas allá de lo permitido por la ley, en localizaciones secretas, pero el movimiento es imparable, siendo el germen de muchas de las constantes de la escena electronica hoy en dia. Rel punk ocurria de nuevo, reiventado y en Nasty Bass le rendimos pleitesia. Los dj's Kosmos, Radiocontrol y Ginebra junto a la inestimable ayuda del Vj y Mc Cooler O’ Connor estan preparados para partir la pista de baile de la 2 el próximo lunes 27 de enero…y vosotros?? Rave or die!!!

Nasty [Bass]
  emerged as the electronic alternative of Nasty Mondays, in Apolo’s room [2]. Soon it became, not only its essential electronic alternative, but, probably, one of the best clubs in the city of Barcelona, which every Monday gets packed aiming for the latest club sounds . The resident Dj team consists of three essential names. Kosmos one of the pioneers and most respected DJs in the Spanish electronic scene, also a resident of Nitsa Club and owner of the Tempesta Music; Radiocontrol, another big name in the Spanish scene, a great Dj who was responsible for Noise Club and producer extraordinaire and Rho, an Austrian based in Barcelona, excellent DJ l at the head of the last batch of Dj's made in Barcelona. Together they form an unstoppable team that sets the floor on fire every Monday combining impeccable skills and an open-minded vision that includes styles such as techno, house, electro or breaks. Along with them the essential images of Cooler O'Connor that is not limited to being an excellent Vj but, mic in hand, becomes an effective MC that gives the touch of grace to the excellent sets of the aforementioned Dj team..


00:00 Doors Opening


Nasty Mondays: nastygarage.com


Nasty [Bass]: RAVE OR DIE | Radiocontrol + Ginebra + Kosmos

Imagine that you already know Nasty Mondays and you already know how it works... And you like it. But, or you've been many times or the guitars, to you, the bare minimum. Hey, it is a matter of taste. And it has an easy solution: go down the stairs that lead to La (2) of Apolo and, surprise, the drum beats become beats, the guitars give way to the synthesizers and the refrains are now drops. You have entered into Nasty Bass, the electronic temple of Nasty Mondays and probably the best bass music club in the country.

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00:00 - 05:00

La 2