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Me cago en Eurovisión party #EuroCaca2019
On Fire
On Fire Sat. 18. May'19 19:15 La 2

Me cago en Eurovisión party #EuroCaca2019


Facing the dictatorship of normality, we have said many times that “normal is just a program of my washing machine”, but in modern washing machines this is not even true. Cotton, synthetic, delicate… Normal does not appear anywhere. It must be that even our washing machines know that there are things that can not be normalized. One of them is the genocide perpetrated by Israel over Palestinian people.

This year the Eurovision festival and its queer fans will land in Tel Aviv because Netta won last year’s edition with a hit against bullying. But that same week she celebrated with Benjamin Netanyahu while his army killed 52 Palestinians. Last year, while Altice Arena booed Russia at the time of the vote as a form of protest for Putin’s LGBTQ-phobic policies, minutes later, the whole of Europe applauded an opressive state. The hypocrisy won.

Using feminisme and sympathy towards queer people is the best disguise Israel could use to hide from the public the atrocities it is commiting against the Palestinian people. But we say no We are not collaborating in that face wash, even if they paint it pink.

We are Eurovision fans, we love it, it’s our night, planted in front of the TV, but, dear sisters, it will not be possible this year. The Palestinian groups and associations have asked us to boycott.

But we’re not going to miss Eurovision. We will not watch this year’s edition or give a shit about it for any other thing than supporting the boycott. We are going to make our own Eurovision party, saying this year its shit, because they can’t take joy away from us. Because we love to party, but the party must be compatible with politics.

People say “Franco tenía el culo blanco porque su mujer lo lavaba con Ariel”, but we are not like her. Do not use us for your pinkwashing, because there are things that can not be washed. We’re not your toy, Israel.



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On Fire

Do not underestimate leisure. In this section of the lab identities are built, ideas are tested and projects are presented. We just needed a space to meet, talk and celebrate where the projects of the feminist community as well as the racialized and LGTBI community are priorized.

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